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Packers: Where They Are & Where They Are Going

Posted on: September 22, 2008 3:28 am
Edited on: September 22, 2008 3:29 am
As you may well know, the Green Bay Packers are now 2-1, after a tough game against a very talented Cowboys team. They kept pressure on Aaron Rodgers throughout the game, and they didn't allow the Packers to establish their running game. Although the Packers' defense was able to keep Tony Romo under control for the majority of the game, it was Marion Barber and Felix Jones who wreaked havoc on the Packers' D. The Packers were simply not ready for the Cowboys' rushing attack, and it was most likely due to them awaiting the Cowboys' normally potent passing attack; however, Wade Phillips had other plans.

The Cowboys took the lead early and forced Green Bay to pass, something they were clearly ready to defend. The only time the Packers could get any momentum going was when the Cowboys allowed them many short completions late in the game, but, that's all they were allowing, and at that point, the Packers' attempts were futile.

The Cowboys played a great game, tiring the Packers' defense by running right at them, and the Cowboys' defense was fresh every time they hit the field, ready to put a stop to the Green Bay offense. They grinded their way to the victory, and earned it.

The Packers next game is next Sunday afternoon @ Tampa Bay (2-1). That should prove to be a tough game, as the Buccaneers have won their last 2 games, manhandling the Falcons in Week 2, and defeating a tough Bears squad this week.

Now that we're approaching Week 4, we're beginning to see which teams are proving to be true playoff contenders, and which teams may not be playoff-worthy. Looking down the road, the Packers could be in contention for a division title. They currently have a game lead over the Bears and Vikings, and 2 games over the Lions. While it is still extremely early, the Packers have proven to be more formidable than many expected. I believe they've got a good shot at the playoffs this year, barring any significant injuries that disrupt their gameplan.

I'm going to make an early-season prediction for the Packers' season:
11-5, NFC North Champs, 2nd Round Playoff Loss

As a Packers fan, I know I'm expected to predict a Super Bowl victory here, but I'm being completely honest, and trying my best to give an objective opinion. What are your predictions for the Packers or your Favorite Team?
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