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Brett Favre: The End of an Era

Posted on: March 5, 2008 1:19 am
Edited on: May 16, 2008 3:33 am

Brett Favre. For many that name produces different emotions, from Joy to Anger, Awe to Envy, or Respect to Hatred. Personally, I believe Favre is One of the Best Quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. I'd place him Easily in the Top 5, Most Likely in the Top 3, and might even be willing to give thought to The Best. However, I don't believe it is possible to compare quarterbacks from different Eras, but, I can confidently say Brett Favre was the Greatest Quarterback in His Era. No other Quarterback was as Great On and Off the field as Brett Favre. No other Player could play through adversity as well as he could, Throwing for 400 yards and 4 Touchdowns in the First Half the day after his Father Died. No other Player started every single game from 1992-2008. No Other player won 3 NFL MVP Awards in their Career, Favre won his in 3 Consecutive Seasons. No Other player threw more Touchdowns, Completed more passes, Won more games, or Attempted more Passes than Brett Favre. Although he also threw more interceptions than anyone else, It was his style, His wanting to make his team better, make plays, and ultimately his passion for the game that led him to do so. He took his team to 2 Super Bowls, and Won one. Amazingly, 40 of his 163 Career Wins came from 4th quarter or Overtime comebacks. That is Brett Favre's Era. Unfortunately, all Eras must, just as all good things must, come to an end. Favre's Era has just ended. I believe Brett was the Best Quarterback, by far, of his time. Was he the best of All-Time? I just can't compare different eras. The game has changed so much, so comparing statistics isn't very accurate. You could say Montana was better because of his 4 super bowls. However, that may not be true because the league could easily be identified as less competitive back then. You could Say Unitas, but then again, the Eras are just too Different, from frequent run offenses, to all-passing offenses, back to a balanced offense. It really depends on the Era. I just don't think there's a fair comparison. What we can definitely say is that Favre was a hell of a Quarterback and Leader. As for the Best of All-Time, that's up for debate.


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Posted on: July 8, 2008 8:17 pm

Brett Favre: The End of an Era

favre is a selfish person...when will over the hill has- beens stay retired?  up and coming kids are being denied a job because  favre can't make up his we really want to hear about his miserable life on tv again..his father died, his wife has breast what?  who doesn't have [problems..what makes him diferent?  yes he had a great career but alot of athletes do...he is losing creditablity becasue he can't make up his's not all about favre...the packers need to move long can favre hold the packers hostage?  he just makes me vomit...anotehr mimichael jordan...full of himself and dosen't care about anyone or anything else but himself...good riddance to him..let him play for the raiders or some other sorry ass team..

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Posted on: May 16, 2008 3:46 am

Brett Favre: The End of an Era

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Brett Favre: The End of an Era

I am a Bears fan and have always rooted against the Packers. Still, I will miss Brett Farve.

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Posted on: April 4, 2008 9:45 pm

Brett Favre: The End of an Era

Very good write really incompasses what he was to the sport and more importantly sports fans....I grew up watching number 4 dazzle and awe me...My first jersey was a green #4 with Favre on the back....In back yards i would always take the name Favre and try to throw tds and dazzle the neighbor kids....He was all that is great in sports and showed his love for the game throughout and kept the game real...Watching highlights from the night game in which he threw for 4 touchdowns gives me chills....I will miss his passion and the way he plays the game....I know however my children will be playing as Favre in my back yard....

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Posted on: March 29, 2008 4:14 am

Brett Favre: The End of an Era

Heh Magic,

Brett was certainly a great QB and I agree with you that he deserves to be in the top 5 and that it is very difficult to rank the top 5 in order. I have my own personal choice which is Montana, Elway then Brett. But what I want to say is that I think that Brett is the best guy of all the great athletes that we have seen on TV.  It was amazing how he always managed to appear so frank, honest and natural.  He never hid from anything, never made an excuse, never gave anyone a reason to put him down.  He never seemed to think that he was any better than anyone else.  Almost like he was the same guy that he must have been when playing football with his freinds in the park growing up. I do not know how he did this, but it was certianly nice to watch him perform.

I thought he had a couple of years  when he became too much of a gunslinger and his level of play dropped. But then he somone got past that and performed so well the lat two years of his career. One of the reasons that I am glad that the Giants won the bowl, was that it meant that Brett lost his last game to a champion and he has nothing to regret about his most recent performance.


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Brett Favre: The End of an Era

Thanks Rhino. I appreciate it. I really admire and respect Favre, and As a Packers fan, I appreciate all he's given our team. It was fun to root for him all the years. Now, I only hope Rodgers can be half as good as Favre..

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Posted on: March 16, 2008 4:43 pm

Brett Favre: The End of an Era

Great write up there.......Favre will be missed by fans from all walks and backgrounds!

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