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Week 7: Indianapolis at Green Bay

Green Bay (3-3) and Indianapolis (3-2) are set for what should be a great game. Green Bay has the 7th-Ranked Pass Defense in the NFL at 178.8 Yards per game, while Indianapolis has the 7th-Ranked Passing Offense (248 YPG) this year.

If Indianapolis hopes to pull out a victory, they need to do it on the ground, where the Packers are ranked 26th at 153.3 Yards allowed per game. However, Indianapolis is without Joseph Addai, which is why this should be a great game. The Packers lead the League in Interceptions (Tied with Tampa Bay at 11), and they are holding opposing QB's to a rating of 62.3 (3rd Best in the League).

I believe the Packers' pass defense, while missing a few key players, will still be able to keep Peyton Manning under control, and their defense will win them this game. If the Colts had Joseph Addai, I'd give the edge to Indianapolis, however, Dominic Rhodes is starting, and while he's proven to be a good backup, he's not as good as Joseph Addai.

My Prediction:
Final Score: Green Bay 24, Indianapolis 21
Posted on: September 29, 2008 1:40 am

Week 4: Green Bay

This week, the Buccaneers became Packer Smackers. They found a vital weakness in the Packers O-Line and exploited it to keep pressure on Rodgers throughout the game.

The Bucs collected three sacks Sunday along their way to a strong defensive showing that included those three sacks, three interceptions, a forced fumble, and a defensive touchdown off of that forced fumble upon its recovery.

The Bucs earned this win moreso than the scoreboard indicates, and if you had seen just the teams' stat sheets, you would have never guessed Green Bay was within 9 points.  Tampa Bay outgained Green Bay in total yards 327-181, and they out-rushed Green Bay 178-28.
Tampa also controlled the clock, with their total time of possession at 36:50. One other telling statistic was their First Down total compared to Green Bays'-- 20 to 8.

Green Bay was unable to sack Griese, and they were also unable to stop the run. They were fairly effective at stopping the Pass (Held Griese to 50% completion, only 1 touchdown, and had 3 interceptions), however, and that seemed to be the only bright spot in an otherwise disappointing defensive showing by a Packers defense, that, coming into 2008, was considered to be a Top 10 defense by many.

Green Bay hopes to get Pro-Bowl Corner Al Harris back within the next few weeks, and they have several key Defensive players playing with injuries already. Charles Woodson has been playing with a broken toe. Atari Bigby was out with a hamstring injury, and Kabeer Gbaja Biamila played with an injured knee.

The Packers will look to get back into the Win column next week, when they host the Falcons. The Falcons were held to 9 points, and failed to score a touchdown while losing 9-24 to the Carolina Panthers Sunday.

Fellow Packers Fans:
Hopefully we'll get back on track next week against Atlanta. Rodgers will look to carve up the same secondary Jake Delhomme was able to successfully overcome this week. We are now tied with the Bears at 2-2 for the NFC North lead, so we will be needing this win, especially with games against Indianapolis and Tennessee upcoming in Weeks 7 and 9.

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Packers: Where They Are & Where They Are Going

As you may well know, the Green Bay Packers are now 2-1, after a tough game against a very talented Cowboys team. They kept pressure on Aaron Rodgers throughout the game, and they didn't allow the Packers to establish their running game. Although the Packers' defense was able to keep Tony Romo under control for the majority of the game, it was Marion Barber and Felix Jones who wreaked havoc on the Packers' D. The Packers were simply not ready for the Cowboys' rushing attack, and it was most likely due to them awaiting the Cowboys' normally potent passing attack; however, Wade Phillips had other plans.

The Cowboys took the lead early and forced Green Bay to pass, something they were clearly ready to defend. The only time the Packers could get any momentum going was when the Cowboys allowed them many short completions late in the game, but, that's all they were allowing, and at that point, the Packers' attempts were futile.

The Cowboys played a great game, tiring the Packers' defense by running right at them, and the Cowboys' defense was fresh every time they hit the field, ready to put a stop to the Green Bay offense. They grinded their way to the victory, and earned it.

The Packers next game is next Sunday afternoon @ Tampa Bay (2-1). That should prove to be a tough game, as the Buccaneers have won their last 2 games, manhandling the Falcons in Week 2, and defeating a tough Bears squad this week.

Now that we're approaching Week 4, we're beginning to see which teams are proving to be true playoff contenders, and which teams may not be playoff-worthy. Looking down the road, the Packers could be in contention for a division title. They currently have a game lead over the Bears and Vikings, and 2 games over the Lions. While it is still extremely early, the Packers have proven to be more formidable than many expected. I believe they've got a good shot at the playoffs this year, barring any significant injuries that disrupt their gameplan.

I'm going to make an early-season prediction for the Packers' season:
11-5, NFC North Champs, 2nd Round Playoff Loss

As a Packers fan, I know I'm expected to predict a Super Bowl victory here, but I'm being completely honest, and trying my best to give an objective opinion. What are your predictions for the Packers or your Favorite Team?
Posted on: September 15, 2008 7:10 pm
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Green Bay Survives the Lions' Roar

Green Bay entered their week 2 game against Detroit, with the knowledge that these were the same Detroit Lions that gave up over 300 Yards rushing to the Atlanta Falcons, a week previous. Thus, they were ready to rush all over the Lions' defense, right? They elected to pass, and Aaron Rodgers threw 3 touchdowns in the first half. The game became interesting following halftime...

Late in the 1st Quarter, Rodgers rolled towards his right, out of the pocket, and hit James Jones for a TD in the endzone. Rodgers then led the Packers to two more Touchdowns on their next 2 possessions, to Lead 21-3 at halftime.

After a quiet 3rd Quarter (3 Field Goals, 2 by Detroit, 1 by Green Bay), the score was 24-9; Then came the 4th Quarter.

The game became quite interesting in the 4th Quarter. Just over a minute in, Jon Kitna threw a pass that was bobbled and caught by Calvin Johnson, and he was able to take it to the house for a score.

Now, with the score 24-16, Detroit's defense became stingy, stalling the Packers on their next drive, and forcing them to punt from within their own endzone. Derrick Frost mishandled the long snap, and the ball sailed through the back of the end zone for a safety. 24-18, GB

After a quick possession by Detroit, and then by Green Bay, Detroit got the ball back with about 8 Minutes to go. On the first play of their drive, Jon Kitna threw a pass over the middle to Calvin Johnson; he broke a tackle and was gone, to the endzone, for the touchdown.

Suddenly, Detroit was up 25-24, and Green Bay had less than 8 minutes to respond. They drove down field for a field goal, giving them the 27-25 lead. This is when Detroit became sloppy. On the first play of Detroit’s drive, Jon Kitna's pass was intercepted, leading to a 4 play, 40-yard drive by Green Bay, ending in a Touchdown. This gave Green Bay a 34-25 lead, and they didn't look back.

On Detroit's next 2 drives, Kitna threw 2 more interceptions, and both were returned for touchdowns. Final Score- Green Bay 48, Detroit 25

Notes and Thoughts:
Green Bay, once again, was able to effectively execute their play action passes. One notable play was a play action, roll right, deep pass to Greg Jennings for 60 yards that set up a short pass to Donald Lee for a touchdown in the 2nd Quarter. This seems to be one of their most valuable weapons this year. The play action is much more effective, not only because their running back situation is better this year, but also because Aaron Rodgers offers above-average mobility at the Quarterback position, which is something Brett Favre couldn't offer. (Although that's no knock on Brett Favre, that's about the only thing he couldn't offer them)

The most impressive ability I saw in Rodgers' week 2 performance, though, was probably his ability to spread the ball, as 5 of his teammates had multiple catches, and his 3 touchdown passes were all to different receivers.

Rodgers has been excellent so far through 2 games, and it seems his time spent behind Favre has not been wasted, as he's developed chemistry with Green Bay's receivers, and he has an excellent grasp on their playbook. It also couldn't have hurt him much to have a Hall of Famer as a mentor...

-The Lions just couldn't execute on 3rd down, and it definitely cost them as they went 2 for 12 on 3rd down conversion attempts.

-The Packers defense held the Lions to 14 yards or less on 10 out of their 16 drives.

-In what could very well have been a deciding factor in this game, Green Bay had excellent pressure on Kitna all game long, gathering 5 sacks. Conversely, the Lions managed only 1 sack on Aaron Rodgers.
Posted on: September 12, 2008 12:58 pm

Packers vs. Lions- Week 2 Preview

Raise your hand if you predicted, last week, that the Atlanta Falcons would punish the Lions with 318 yards rushing. Anyone? Me neither.

Atlanta's offensive line is not nearly of pro-bowl caliber, either. The only position on their O-Line with more than 3 years of experience is their Center, Todd McClure, with 10. Of their other Offensive Linemen, one is a Rookie, one is in his 2nd Year, one has been out of College 4 Years, but only has 6 Games of NFL Experience, and the other has only 22 Games of NFL Experience.

You'd figure with that type of inexperience, there would be no way a team could rush for 318 yards on 42 carries, but somehow, the Falcons managed to pull it off. I believe it wasn't a fluke, and we'll see Detroit's defensive line exposed again. The Packers have already demonstrated their interest in using a much more balanced approach on offense than last year's approach. Thus, they'll be thanking the Falcons while they're running all over the Detroit D-Line, again, in Week 2.

Green Bay is going to want to assess Detroit's D-Line, simply to see how resilient they are, both physically and mentally, and also to determine what adjustments the coaching staff has made to close all the gaps that seemed a mile-wide last week. I'm sure they'll come out running the ball (the majority of their plays) in the 1st Quarter, and possibly the 1st half, before beginning to consistently use that play action that Aaron Rodgers was so effective with last week in defeating Minnesota. That should, then, open up some deep passes downfield, and lead to a nice score or two for Green Bay.

Detroit will most likely be predicting such a strategy; however, they won't be ready for Green Bay's passing attack, as I'm sure the coaching staff had to do a bit of damage control with the D-Line and Linebackers this week in practice. Detroit, conversely, will be testing Green Bay's secondary, which looked strong last week vs. Minnesota, when they gave up a mere 168 yards through the air.

This game should see plenty of action on Offense, and I see the Packers pulling away after halftime. I don't think Detroit has the D-Line to stop Ryan Grant or Brandon Jackson, and I think we'll see Green Bay factor in the Play Action, and begin to pull away while Detroit struggles to pass on their Secondary.

My Prediction: Green Bay 27, Detroit 17
Posted on: September 9, 2008 9:37 pm

Green Bay: Rodgers' Era Begins

It's still odd to think of a Packers team without Brett Favre, but reality finally set in last night. The Packers, under the new leadership of Aaron Rodgers, survived a late push by the Vikings, to win 24-19 at Lambeau Field. Rodgers was impressive in his debut, completing 82% (18 of 22) of his passes while throwing for 178 yards and a touchdown. He also scored a touchdown on a QB sneak in the 4th Quarter. The Packers had no problem using a more balanced offense (27 rushing attempts, 22 pass attempts) than the pass-heavy offense we saw with last year's 13-3 squad. Will it be more effective? I'm not sure they are capable of 13-3, but with the way Rodgers ran the offense against a tough Minnesota defense, I'd say if they don't make they playoffs, it will be a disappointment. Rodgers showed an impressive command of the play action, which they were able to use more effectively because of their aforementioned more balanced offense. Ryan Grant was able to rush for 92 yards on only 12 carries, including a 57 yard 4th quarter scamper that fell 2 yards shy of the endzone. The Packers, as a whole, rushed for 139 yards, averaging 5.1 yards per carry. The Packers have much room to improve under Rodgers, and they are still one of the youngest teams in the NFL, overall. Their youth showed in their first game without Favre, as they drew 12 penalties for 118 yards.. Ouch. In comparison, the Vikings had 9 penalties for 42 yards. I truly believe the Packers have a good squad this year, and their defense is still intact, and was impressive in stopping the pass (Jackson completed only 16 of 35 passes, with an interception), but a bit lethargic against the run.. Of course, they were trying to stop Adrian Peterson, whom they managed to somewhat contain, as he rushed for 103 yards on 19 carries and a touchdown (5.4 Avg). Overall, the Packers will need to reduce their penalties if they hope to play well consistently, because 118 yards(in penalties), is a very costly number. Next up, The Packers take on Detroit, and look to contain promising rookie Kevin Smith, and also Jon Kitna and his talented pool of Wide Receivers.
Posted on: March 5, 2008 1:19 am
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Brett Favre: The End of an Era

Brett Favre. For many that name produces different emotions, from Joy to Anger, Awe to Envy, or Respect to Hatred. Personally, I believe Favre is One of the Best Quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. I'd place him Easily in the Top 5, Most Likely in the Top 3, and might even be willing to give thought to The Best. However, I don't believe it is possible to compare quarterbacks from different Eras, but, I can confidently say Brett Favre was the Greatest Quarterback in His Era. No other Quarterback was as Great On and Off the field as Brett Favre. No other Player could play through adversity as well as he could, Throwing for 400 yards and 4 Touchdowns in the First Half the day after his Father Died. No other Player started every single game from 1992-2008. No Other player won 3 NFL MVP Awards in their Career, Favre won his in 3 Consecutive Seasons. No Other player threw more Touchdowns, Completed more passes, Won more games, or Attempted more Passes than Brett Favre. Although he also threw more interceptions than anyone else, It was his style, His wanting to make his team better, make plays, and ultimately his passion for the game that led him to do so. He took his team to 2 Super Bowls, and Won one. Amazingly, 40 of his 163 Career Wins came from 4th quarter or Overtime comebacks. That is Brett Favre's Era. Unfortunately, all Eras must, just as all good things must, come to an end. Favre's Era has just ended. I believe Brett was the Best Quarterback, by far, of his time. Was he the best of All-Time? I just can't compare different eras. The game has changed so much, so comparing statistics isn't very accurate. You could say Montana was better because of his 4 super bowls. However, that may not be true because the league could easily be identified as less competitive back then. You could Say Unitas, but then again, the Eras are just too Different, from frequent run offenses, to all-passing offenses, back to a balanced offense. It really depends on the Era. I just don't think there's a fair comparison. What we can definitely say is that Favre was a hell of a Quarterback and Leader. As for the Best of All-Time, that's up for debate.

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